Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Soundtrack of the Week

One of the incredible elements of participating in a weekly worship service is not just that we go to worship, but that it goes with us through the week. Worshipping God transforms my heart and impacts all that I do through the week, what I see, and how I respond.

But what also goes with me is the music. Those great songs of the faith and melodies of worship to God create a soundtrack for the week. I often find myself humming one of the tunes during the day, reminding me of His great love, grace and truth.

Yesterday morning, as I was doing something seemingly mundane as making beds, I found myself humming one of this week's worship songs "I have decided to follow Jesus." And immediately, I thought, "and what does that look like today? What choices do I make in my actions and attitudes?"

And the second phrase of the song "no turning back, no turning back" affirmed that it is not a matter of whether or not to follow Jesus into my day, but HOW do I follow Him?

What does that look like
      in all I do today?

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