Friday, March 7, 2014

No matter how deep

For the past two months, I have brushed off the complaints about the weather.  I have even tried to ignore the competition of winter woes -- the one-upmanship stories that "we had it worse than you."

Someday we, the then-old timers, may still be talking about the winter of '14, record breaking temperatures, snow fall, and icy roads.  But one thing is sure.  Winter will not last forever.

It is not that spring will come, but God will bring it.  Just as He always does.

God is Creator of the heavens and the earth,
          and the inventor of seasons,
      that come and go every year,
    no matter what man says about Him.

You have fixed all the bounds of the earth;
       You have made summer and winter.

                              Psalm 74.17

Through all the seasons of life
      -- a time of plenty,
                  a time of need --
God is still in control.

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