Saturday, March 1, 2014

No cape necessary

I have just emerged from ten days
            of gramma bliss that included
     mac n' cheese,
             make believe,
   and a dozen games of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel.

And in the process, I learned a lot about super heroes.

It began early every morning when our two year old grandson
would get dressed, wearing his favorite Dusty t-shirt,
         Tow-Mater underwear,
         and Thomas the tank engine socks.

I am glad that his favorites are not necessarily
      those superheroes who rush in
      with celebrity headlines,
                     action figures
               and the spotlight,
but the faithful ones
who spot a problem or dilemma
and seek to do what is right
             and kind
                    and good.

     the old rusty tow truck,
           is faithful wherever he is,
   and in the face of trouble, he proclaims,
             "I'm here to help!"

Thomas the tank engine
        is known and well-loved
           as a Really Useful Engine.

Dusty, the little crop dusting plane,
    does his best in the midst of the impossible,
which also means not putting himself first
               before the needs of others.

It is not that these characters
work toward the common good,
           or even the greater good,
but are faithful to their utmost
                           for the highest good.

May we not be distracted
           from doing anything less.
As author Oswald Chambers once penned,
    "My utmost for His highest."

Being faithful to God
                is one's highest calling,
      no action is insignificant in His eyes.

In the words of Mother Teresa:
I"God does not call us to be successful,
         He calls us to be faithful."

...and He said to them,
"If any one would be first,
he must be last of all
         and servant of all."

                         Mark 9. 35

The world lauds first place or not at all,
     but God delights in faithfulness.

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