Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Fresh Supply

When I speak to Adrian, our youngest grand baby,
 his eyes search for the source,
seeking the audible
          in what is visible.
And then he locks his eyes on mine.
He recognizes my voice.

In a season of blessedness,
       or just a moment of delight,
absorb the goodness through your very pores,
     and soaking in the blessings.

And so,
        when times are hard,
a fresh supply of joy is on hand
like a familiar chorus long remembered.
Difficulties will arise,
but you already know
       how to sing sweet words of praise
and how to recognize the substance
        that God's goodness knows no season.

Praise is not an avoidance of what really is
but an acknowledgement of it,
         the reality that God is good.

Praise is our best defense
        against despair.

And like little Adrian,
train your eyes
          to seek God's voice.
No matter how things may appear,
    His goodness thrives
          and multiplies
                 one layer over another.

"Where did you learn
          that sweet little song, Maggie?"
"Oh, I just made it up," she replied.

There is no sweeter sound to the LORD
                 than a song of praise to Him
in no one's words
                but our own.

and sing for joy, O inhabitants of Zion,
for great in your midst
            is the Holy One of Israel.

                          Isaiah 12.6

(Photo courtesy of
grandma Rhonda Gregory)

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