Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And yet to stand

In the first stirrings of dawn light,
the trees gather
        against the sun-parched sky,
just where they are planted,
a separate calling,
              by appointment.
Nothing random in this
          but choreographed 
to strategically offer shade,
bear fruit,
hold the soil in place,
provide a home
      for the innocent,
and sometimes commissioned in a barren place
just to stand
      like a promise
                       even in this
          for others to gasp at glory.
Each one transcends the ordinary
           by competing in praise
like children laughing
   whose hands are raised the highest.
The fellowship is wrought together
across the horizon of a new day
whose sole desire is to bless
for no agenda
no higher purpose
     than to love hilariously
even when standing
   in what appears to be alone in a field.
I face my day ahead
       with all the things I need to do,
how to approach it,
how to carry through,
        and I see the trees.

Make love your aim.
              1 Corinthians 14.1

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