Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If it does that to the countertop, just think what it does to your insides

When my husband was a little boy, his grandmother used to shake her head at the evils of Kool-aid.  One red drop left a stain whatever it touched.  "If it does that to the countertop," I can still hear her saying, "just think what it does to your insides."

Everything we do, changes us.  More than we realize.

It has now been documented in the laboratory  how exercise actually changes fat and muscle cells.  So when I run, I am not just getting stronger or healthier in an abstract sense, the activity impacts my genes, the reality of how my cells function.  I am physically different because I exercised.

Even pretending can change us.  A Wall Street Journal article on  power poses reveals that how I present myself actually changes my hormones.  So how I look actually changes how I am.  Researchers found, for instance, that folding your arms actually makes you more defensive.  Standing up during a presentation with your hands secure on the table doesn't just make a person look more assertive, it makes her more assertive.

And it has been documented that those internal changes linger long after the specific activity.  It creates a change not in just how others see you or how you see yourself, but results in lasting change, whether in performance at work or how your body resists chronic disease.

If exercise and performing power poses, changes you physically,
       how consistent time in God's Word
changes your mind,
            your vision,
                   your heart.
No research studies have been conducted in the laboratory.
That is not needed. 
There is something far more conclusive.
           God changes your life.
And that proof
        is documented every day.

Therefore, if any one is in Christ,
he is a new creation;
the old has passed away,
behold the new has come.

                  2 Corinthians 5.17

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