Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting It All Over Everything

I love the reckless abandon of our two-year-old grandson who is energized by the very joy of being alive.  It doesn't matter if he is running in the park, riding his scooter down the driveway, or emptying the toy chest with the speed of light, he lives all out.  And whether he is drawing with markers or eating ketchup on literally every kind of food, his actions are often accompanied by the parental warning, "Careful!  You're going to get it all over everything."

 Because that is just what he does.

And it is hard to get upset with this messer, because he charms your socks off.

A few days ago on NightlyTea, I mentioned how my friend took cookies to her neighbor who is a recent widower.  I didn't even have to mention who she was, because that kindness has her name written all over it.  She texted me this morning with the outcome of her visit.  As she left her neighbor's front porch, he called out to her, "Ok, see you next week!"  She sought to bless him.  And the blessing came right back at her. 

Just like my little messer, blessings can't help but get kindness, compassion, and raw love all over everything and everyone.  God meant it that way.  Grace is contagious.

Even one blessing -- one intentional kindness -- takes on a life of its own and lasts a long, long time.  And God uses it for great good. 

Because that is just what He does.

And God is able to provide you
with every blessing in abundance,
so that
you may always
      have enough of everything
and may provide in abundance
                            for every good work.

                     2 Corinthians 9.8

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