Monday, August 19, 2013

Words to another song

At some point last week, strapped in the dental chair, I became aware of the background music in the office, a layer of noise largely masked by the sound of the jack hammer in my mouth.  "Oh, I remember that song from high school," I thought.  After a while, I realized that one song after another came from the same era, alerting me to the fact that if it falls into the "Oldies" category, so do I.

It shocked me how easily I remembered not just the tunes, but the words to these largely ridiculous songs, some of which I haven't heard in decades.  I recalled my brothers and I naively telling our  mom, "oh, we don't listen to the words," not realizing how ingrained these songs were becoming in our brains.  What did she know?  Well now, I realize A LOT.  After all, she was a professional musician.  She knew the power of music and the strong patterning that creates memory.

Over and over.  Day after day.

When I run, I pray.  The other day, I was running and praying through a particular situation, listening to Pandora music streaming through my earphones. "LORD, how do I navigate this situation?"  And I suddenly remembered and repeated the words of a different "song."   A Bible verse memorized many years ago, came word for word into my thoughts, giving me direction and focusing my heart.

Did I think reading and  memorizing that particular scripture passage was only a temporary exercise?  Did I not realize that God was embedding His Word to strengthen me, not just for today but the rest of my life?  Those are the Words to which I am running in life.   I can't afford not to intentionally put them in my heart.

And that is how we learn God's Word, over and over, day after day, verse by verse.   His Word does not just take up residence on the back shelf of our memories like an old love song, but it permeates and dwells in our hearts.  Not just reading it daily, knowing, responding, and doing it, but living it out.

Dwelling in scripture
       will change your life
and impact
everyone around you.

A huge disappointment faced a dear friend of mine last week.  "If the same thing had happened a year ago, I would have stomped off.  But I know now God is in this," she said.  "It's ok."

God does not just alter your mindset
or adjust your vision,
        He changes your heart.

But the word is very near you;
it is in your mouth
        and in your heart,
so that you can do it.

                 Deuteronomy 30.14

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