Saturday, August 24, 2013

From a different corner of the room

We have been praying so long, LORD.
I find myself without any more words.
What more can I pray?
What more can I say?
Not to give up praying,
        but to learn yet another way.
Show me, LORD,
          how else to pray.
Position my heart
    in a different corner of the room.
Help me to see this pressing need
     with new eyes,
              with Your eyes.
It is not, as so many say,
     that we are waiting for You to show up.
O LORD, You must laugh at that.
You who control eternity
          are waiting on us,
to follow fully,
complete our training course,
get our shoes on,
             and double-knotted,
ready for Your answer
       and to hit the road
                   already running,
willing to see the answer differently,
     perhaps even to recognize it at all,
strengthened by You
               and to accept something better
                       far more significant
           than the world can comprehend,
                  or we can grasp.
And perhaps,
      the waiting on our part
is to know fully the answer
               in whatever form it may take
      is from You alone.
And that the answer is not necessarily something,
                               but YOU.
Your perfect timing.
Your intricate design.
Your victory,
         not just in the situation
                            but in me.

And now, LORD,
      for what do I wait?
  My hope is in You.

                       Psalm 39.7

God is doing an incredible work
   for His glory
in you
         and everywhere around.

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