Sunday, April 19, 2015

And what exactly am I supposed to be doing here?

As a result of my husband's job, we were largely a nomadic family, pulling up our stakes and our roots every few years, and moving to a new place.  "Oh, you're just used to it," people would always respond, most often said by those who never moved.  I heard a similar refrain when living in frigid Chicago, "Oh, you're just used to the cold."  The bitter air still freezes your lungs, my friend, no matter how long you live there.  And moving still hurts down to your bones, no matter how many times you do it.

You gather up your strength, hold on tight to the LORD, and walk through that door.  God has purpose in it. An adventure awaits, not one that I can possibly know, but one of His choosing.  Do everything you can to make the most of it within your own limitations or expectations.  Fulfill your ministry there.  God has strategically placed you.

And I have found
that I don't have to know His purposes
for God to use it.

If anyone asks you,
"Why are you untying it?"
you shall say this,
      "The Lord has need of it."

                         Luke 19.31

Heeding God's voice,
       following Him into
    what He has placed on my heart
does not mean that I
        must always understand
        what God is doing.
He calls me to be faithful,
  even when it doesn't
    make sense to me,
  even when it might be uncomfortable,
  even not in my skill set.
"The Lord has need of it,"
        is all I need to know.

And what exactly am I 
       supposed to be doing?
Why exactly am I supposed
                      to be here?

Divine dimensions,
are too intricate for me to comprehend.

"Trust Me in this"
and do all things
        Soli Deo Gloria,
glory to God alone,
and let Him deepen it all.

Even here.
Even in this.

Not just a different mindset,
but a different reality
and a radically different outcome.

Then Jacob awoke from his sleep,
and said,
"Surely the LORD
            is in this place,
and I did not know it."

                   Genesis 28.16

We do not know what to do,
    but our eyes are upon You.

                    2 Chronicles 20.12

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