Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New York Times news alert

Throughout my day, alerts appear in my email inbox about breaking news in the world, items that someone deems too important to wait.  I am made aware of those events even as they are happening.

But there are even more profound alerts that I want on my heart radar.  O LORD, make me sensitive to those around me in my goings.

Anxiety in a man's heart
        weighs him down,
but a good word
        makes him glad.

               Proverbs 12.25

I have no idea of the desperation and deep burdens another is carrying...or even dragging along, too heavy even to carry, often secret things or hidden wounds, invisible to others.

How can I love God and love others today?  It can be as profound as a kind word to a friend...or to a stranger...or even a family member.  Encouragement is always in my power to do.

Yesterday, I took two of our grandchildren to a program at the library.  Past experience has taught me that desperate moments happen when least expected.  I came prepared with a sandwich bag of several little crackers in the shape of letters, little distractions easily dispensed.  And like the mom in the movie One Fine Day, I reached into my purse and pulled out just what was needed at that desperate moment.  A cracker is not much, but it did the trick, just enough to keep a two-year-old going and engaged.

I need to keep ready in my purse and pocket and heart a bag of encouragement for others, prepared and equipped to pull out in the most unexpected places.

One of the things I miss about running is the encouragement of strangers lining the road in a race.  They dispensed strength when I was ready to quit, probably never knowing how much they helped me to keep going.

God puts weary runners on my path today for me to do the same, even someone who may appear  to have it all together but has a heart that is unraveling at lightning speed.

The Lord GOD has given me
  the tongue of those who are taught,
that I may know
    how to sustain with a word
him that is weary.

                   Isaiah 50.4

Am I ready
          and aware?

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