Monday, April 13, 2015

Tomorrow's Forecast

Spring comes silently, God's paintbrush transforming our world from a gray and dreary landscape into one that takes our breath away with brilliant color.

But these visible changes are also accompanied by volatile weather.  Crisp mornings turn into warm humid afternoons. Storms appear suddenly, and sometimes violently, shaking up our plans for the day.  We are often caught by the unexpected in this season of life.

What appears on today's horizon?  I need to be ready for anything... and flexible for God's purposes in it, that which I may not be yet aware, that which I may not be able to see yet.

On a recent day as I was driving an unfamiliar route home, a sign in front of a church caught my eye.

"Tomorrow's Forecast:
Our God Reigns."

I chuckled.  I had just been musing over what I needed to do about a particular situation.  God has already gone before me.  He is already in control.  Even tomorrow, our God reigns.

No matter what is ahead, how volatile the situation, how unexpected my path, what the upheaval... or the weather, that is a reality on which I can depend.  A forecast that never changes.  No matter what.

The LORD reigns;
    He is robed in majesty;
the LORD is robed,
    He is girded with strength.
Yea, the world is established;
it shall never be moved;
Your throne is established of old;
You are from everlasting.

                      Psalm 93. 1-2

Our God reigns.
Today and tomorrow
     and the rest of your life.
                       Even in this.

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