Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Real Deal

I was looking at Target for an Easter card to send to our young grandkids.  Chicks and rabbits and "lots of fun" didn't quite convey what I want to tell them about the Resurrection.  And then, when I spotted the Ninja Turtle Easter card, I moved on.

It reminded me of an experience, now about twenty-five years ago.  Grant, a little neighbor boy, was spending the afternoon with our kindergarten-age daughter and me while his mom ran some errands.  After lunch, we sat on the couch to read some books.  Our girls' Beginners Bible was sitting on the coffee table.  I began to read to these two five-year-olds the Biblical account of Easter.  The stories are written with few words, but the meaning is translated to the level of a young child.

Quite suddenly, Grant sat upright and said with an astonished voice, "I had no idea Jesus had anything to do with Easter!"

Make no assumptions.  Make sure those in your life -- children as well as adults -- know that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the real deal.  It is not just another "story;"  it is the truth on which God's love was shown, the final sacrifice for our sin, and the hope on which we stake our lives.

Jesus said to her,
"I am the resurrection and the life;
he who believes in Me,
         though he die,
yet shall he live,
and whoever lives and believes in Me
shall never die."

                 John 11. 25-26

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