Monday, April 27, 2015

One little bite

When I spend weekday afternoons with our two year old grandson and his infant sister, I often bring him what he calls a "Momo cookie," a special treat homemade by this doting grandma.   Often a mess happens when he takes it and tries to cram the entire cookie into his mouth all at once.

"Take one little bite at a time," I advise this small fellow with both cheeks bulging.  "You don't want to choke."

I can hear God chuckling.
"Who's talking?" He asks me.

All too often,
       I see a situation in front of me,
an enormous problem,
or a journey a little bit daunting.
I am overwhelmed,
thinking that I have to conquer it
                                    all at once
               that which is way too big for me,
that which God never intended
         to attempt by myself.

Take one little bite at a time,
            the LORD reminds me,
no matter what
        is on my plate today.
Take one bite.
Choking is not necessary.

One thing I love about reading God's Word is that through it God helps me to think about a situation differently, to gain His perspective on it, and to seek Him through it.  I may not be able to avoid or alter a situation, but I always have a choice in how to approach it.  And that would start with Him.

"Follow Me into it."

It is not a time to panic
               or choke,
not time to despair,
but just another opportunity to grow in Him,
        trusting God one bite at a time.

But seek first
His kingdom
         and His righteousness
and all these things
     shall be yours as well.

                   Matthew 6.33

Seek Him first
    and He will navigate you
    through it.
Even this.

One bite at a time.

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