Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Key of G, boys"

My mom was a violinist.  It was not just an occupation, nor an ability, nor a ministry, even though it was all those things.  It was how she related to the world.  She lived and breathed music.  It was not an idol; God had her heart.  But it was her way of loving God and loving others, her very own dialog with the world.

And as a result, she never knew a stranger.

There are many things my mom forgot-- her purse, a needed coat, even where she set down her coffee cup, but her violin was always at her side. Always.  She carried it with her everywhere.

At the reception when my youngest brother was married, the hired band was struggling up on stage.  It was not so much a band as a group of individual musicians all doing their own thing and trying to make it come together.  It wasn't working at all.

As they were assembling for their second set, getting their music and instruments ready, Mom slipped away from her table and approached the stage.  She pulled out her violin, turned to the struggling musicians, and called out, "Follow me.  Key of G, boys!" And she began to play a lively tune.  And they followed her right into a standing ovation.

We all find ourselves in places of mystery, inability, and utter anxiety.  Not just what do I need to do, but even HOW to do it.  We get ahead of God in this, putting all our effort in making it work, instead of laying it before Him and listening.  Everything, not just what we consider the big stuff.  Because in God's eyes, every detail is profound.  Every note. And as my grandma always said, "It's not what you play, but how you play it."

God's got this.  We have only to be faithful in following Him into it.  It is not just that things will fall into place, but God engineers the very details.  Even in those things we cannot yet understand.

And watch what God will do with it.

"Follow Me.  Key of G."

...nor be of anxious mind...
your Father knows
that you need them.
seek His kingdom,
and these things
shall be yours as well.

            Luke 12. 29-31

"Nor be of anxious mind?"
God's got this.

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