Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Beyond the realm of possibility

Praying for God's mighty work in the life of  a dear friend,
"O God that You would intervene supernaturally
            in her desperate situation."
I stopped mid-sentence,
       realizing that supernaturally is the only way God works.
       That's what He does.
And so my prayer changed from
       "O God that You would...,"
into a prayer that began with
       "Thank You, God, that You are working."
Do we believe,
       really believe what God can do?
Do we go about our days without His intervention
           as even a consideration
      like a house closed up and locked?
Or do we leave the back door key under the mat
      for the mere possibility
      that God might sneak in
      like an embarrassed schoolchild
                  with a third-grade project?
Is the front door unlocked
              in anticipation?
Or is it wide open
              to indicate someone is home?
Or am I standing on the front porch,
waiting with eyes scanning the horizon,
listening for a rustle of leaves
                or Your still small voice,
living room ready, my heart prepared,
       not to entertain Your Presence
       but abide in You?
You intervene supernaturally in all things.
Am I ready for it?
Am I even asking You?

Now to Him
who by the power at work within us
is able to do
          far more abundantly
than all we ask or think...

                     Ephesians 3.20


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