Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wearing and Bearing

What am I wearing to the office Christmas party this year?
      The family get-together?   
    Or for that group event of intimidating strangers? 
Have I thought about what is appropriate?
Same thing as last year with a different sweater?
Who will be there?
And what gifts will I bear?
A chip on my shoulder?
The same grudge I always bring?
A perennial bad attitude?
A wristwatch so I can skip out early?
A tote bulging with excuses?

Am I going with a mindset of
        what am I going to get?
Do I dress to impress?
Or do I come prepared with
          a plateful of appetizing words.
          an eye that seeks out
                 that person standing alone,
          a humble heart that remembers
                 to ask about someone's elderly mom
                 or a child's achievement,
                 or even a pet recovering?
    Do I bear an impossible peace,
              quick ears,
              a slow mouth,
                    and gracious questions?
Do I talk about me
                       or ask about you?
Needs loom huge and unrecognized,
        decorating the room
   with gaping wounds
             and shrapnel of innumerable battles.
Have I thought about how to personalize
              not a gift
                          but a conversation?
Have I really considered how to love someone
                 chatting at a party?
Or embrace a divine appointment with a stranger?
Oversize items
    and problems
                typically take longer to deliver
and sometimes require special handling.
                                        So does love.
An advertisement today said,
        "Find that unexpected gift
         for the person who already
         has everything."
And that would be grace,
            unexpected, undeserved
                        and appropriate for any occasion.

A word fitly spoken
       is like apples of gold
 in a setting of silver.

                         Proverbs 25.11

What am I wearing?
What am I bearing?

Come prepared.
Come bearing gifts.
A fruit basket is always in great demand,
             never out of style.

But the fruit of the Spirit is
              Galatians 5. 22-23

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