Friday, December 20, 2013

Scanners and What I Need To Leave Behind

Every passenger must line up and pass through airport security before they enter the terminal.  There are certain items that are allowable, and those that are not must be discarded.  Everything is scanned, right down to every pair of shoes.

As we pack up to attend events with friends and family, think about passing through a grace detector before you enter their front door. Have I brought along any volatile items?  Are my words laced with ammunition or with patience?  Did I wrap my gifts to others in steadfast love?  Have I prayed about this get-together?  Have I already thought through my attitudes and words and actions?  Not to finally win that perennial holiday argument, or be the hero, or prove anything at all? Am I prepared to be swift in my kindness?

What passes through the grace detector?
That which brings glory to God.

And the people around you may never remember
                the gift that you gave,
       but they will always remember
                                 how you loved them.
  Grace is engraved forever in their hearts.

Through Him we have
     access to this grace
                  in which we stand,
and we rejoice in our hope
of sharing the glory of God.

                          Romans 5.2

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