Sunday, December 1, 2013

Construction zones and uncertain roads

What is that in the middle of the road?

I was zipping down the street for a quick trip to the library.  My way was blocked about a hundred feet ahead.  It appeared to be a kind of large scaffolding, sitting point-blank in the right lane.  I began to veer to the left, when quite suddenly, I saw the construction worker with the sign, "STOP."  Oooops!  I was so busy trying to figure out the what and why of this object, that I almost missed my necessary obedience. I did not have to know all that was going on.  I just needed to stop my car and wait.

Sometimes on my path of life,
              there are what appear to be dead ends.
Other times, those nasty speed bumps.
No one ever expects a detour.

I don't always understand what is going on.
             But I still need to obey.
And when the road or my plans
           take an unexpected turn,
          is this just a re-routing,
                the going around an obstacle?
      Or a whole new direction?

Construction ahead.
God at work.

There may not be a trail,
but that does not mean
           that He is not guiding me.

May I not be so locked into my own measured route,
   based on my own myopic vision,
but quick to listen,
ready to turn,
willing to stay,
prepared to sprint,
                 or stop.

There may be something different going on here.
            There probably is.

Am I set on where I am going?
           Or where God is leading me?

We expect the unveiling of God's intentions to be sudden
                         in a BIG box,
        with all the components,
                instructions I can decipher,
     or even better,
                            pre-assembled at my front door.

But more often,
God provides me with clues to a mystery
 piece by piece,
               step by step,
   that as I seek Him through it,
    I will know Him more.

We anxiously inquire of God,
        "What about tomorrow?
                 Next week?
                    A year from now?"

And God asks,
         "What about today?"

A short obedience
           for a long enduring.

No obedience is ever too small.

Has the LORD as great delight
     in burnt offerings and sacrifices,
as in obeying the voice of the LORD?
      to obey is better than sacrifice,
  and to listen than the fat of rams.

                      1  Samuel 15.22

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