Saturday, December 14, 2013

No sweeter words

Do I approach prayer
          as a cry in the night,
     a last resort in the midst of calamity,
a desperation only when I can do no more,
a compulsory repeating of words
                   that reach no higher than the ceiling,
    or that which don't really matter at all?
Or do I see prayer as it really is,
                     a form of worship,
       His listening ear
                  and my responsive heart,
the blessing of being together,
the deepening of relationship,
the sharing of life together,
the richness of conversation
                    with Almighty God,
   that which changes the world
              and transforms me?

...with golden bowls of incense
        which are the prayers of the saints.

                                   Revelation 5.8

God does not just hear our prayers to Him,
                 He treasures them
as words from His beloved
so precious
    that He keeps these cherished words
in golden bowls,
a sweet aroma that becomes even sweeter
                          and ever more adored.


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