Monday, December 23, 2013

Manual controls and the art of His redeeming

When I was a young mom, our daughters would often look to me to fix a difficult situation or circumstances gone awry.  Sometimes I could help, but sometimes there was nothing I could do.  And I would say,  "There are some things I can control, and this isn't one of them."  But we could pray.

Many times even now, I awake at night anxious about troubled waters, and I realize in reality there is nothing I can do, but pray.  I am not in control, but He is.

There is nothing that God cannot redeem.

I just need to follow Him into it.

Show me, LORD,
what to do
     and say
and think
     and pray.
Show me, LORD,
    Your way in this
               and the power of Your redeeming.

Not by might,
nor by power,
but by My Spirit,
           says the LORD of hosts.
What are you, O great mountain?
Before Zerubbabel
              you shall become a plain.

                            Zechariah 4. 6-7

There is no mountain too high
                  for God to handle.

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