Friday, December 13, 2013

Strands of barbed wire

Back in the 1870s, a farmer in DeKalb Illinois, developed a type of wire fence designed to manage his herds of cattle.  It consisted of double strands of wire with a barb embedded in it to keep the cows from trampling the boundaries set for them.  That is what it was designed to do, a protective shield, a holding back.

I used to have infrequent dreams when, in a time to flee, my ankles were bound with barbed wire and I could not run.  That is not how it was designed to be used.

But it is only I
           who binds my ankles
with every anxious thought,
           around and around again.
Anxiety enslaves.
That is what it does best.

Anxiety will only trip me up,
drain me dry,
sap my strength,
leave me defenseless,
and take over like a tyrant.

Anxiety is what enters over a welcome mat,
               through a front door
                        that I have opened wide,
                and takes me captive,
when I don't trust God.
Every anxious thought wraps me
                  in a stranglehold,
but trusting in God
                        sets me free.

Anxiety is never neutral,
                 but that which is designed
                 to pull me down
                        into a pit of flagrant lies.
Don't even venture
                      into that virulent quick sand.
May I pour my energies instead
                        in trusting Him.

Trust unties the knots of anxiety.
God calls me to tie my shoes
                     to do His Will,
   not bind up my emotions.

In God We Trust is written on our coins.
May it be instead
           written on our hearts.

Do not be anxious about anything,
         but in everything by prayer
 and supplication
                        with thanksgiving
let your requests be made known to God.
And the peace of God,
            which surpasses all understanding,
      will guard your hearts and your minds
                            in Christ Jesus.

                                Philippians 4. 6-7

The fear of man lays a snare
but he who trusts the LORD is safe.

                                 Proverbs 29. 25

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