Friday, December 6, 2013

Worldview, mindset, and heart beat

It has been three months since the onset of the tendonitis in my foot.  It has been two full months since the marathon.  I am still limping.

At first I assumed that after a couple weeks of rest, I would be good to go.  I rested, I iced, and I wore sturdy tie shoes.  No change.  After a month, I went to the doctor.  He told me to immobilize it with a boot.  I clomped around for two weeks.  No change.

And now, physical therapy has been prescribed.  And my therapist defied all previous advice.  Rest has only caused the tendons and ligaments to tighten up even more.  Move, move, move, she said.

One of her prescriptions is walking on the treadmill.  The treadmill was stored and ignored in a corner of the basement.   It has been months since it was even turned on.

As per her advice, walking on the treadmill warms up my muscles and strengthens my legs and foot for the day ahead.  Its effects go before me long after I finish and move on into my day.  

But there was another strengthening for my day, impacting my vision, my mindset, and my heart beat.  For above the buttons, a row of verses stood in line, ready to sink into my mind and heart and prepare me for the day.  I had been memorizing those scripture verses one by one.  The little cards were marked:

His Peace
His Spirit
His Faithfulness
His Strength

His Word strengthens me, enlarges my vision, tenderizes my heart, and fills me with His peace that passes understanding.

It is the best way to start my day.
It is the best way to live His day for me.
It is the best way to live.

His Word changes me.
His Word works in my heart.
His Word invades and impacts
              everything around me.

Its effects go before me long after 
I finish reading and memorizing
                                     and move on into my day.  

The Bible is not just words on the page,
         but the very words of God.

The physical therapist told me that
walking on the treadmill will strengthen me
               and heal my wounded foot.
But walking in His Word strengthens me even more
               and heals all my broken places.

Strengthen me
              according to Your Word.

                                Psalm 119.28

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