Saturday, December 21, 2013

Note to Self

Yesterday, my to-do list was longer than the time allotted.  As I moved from one task to another, I would think of yet something else that needed to be done.

When our girls were young, we had a family saying, "Delayed obedience is the same as disobedience."  

The same principle applies to me even now.  When God puts something on my radar, I have learned to take some kind of action right away.  Go ahead and put that library book in the car, take the chicken out of the freezer, dial that number and make that appointment.  Sometimes it just involves jotting a note to myself on a post-it note and sticking it to the back door.  Last week while I was waiting for water to boil, I made two lists on my phone notepad, what errands I needed to run today and a list of items I needed to bring to a Christmas get-together.  If I hadn't written down the Gouda cheese in the refrigerator drawer, well, we would be unable to make our family favorite "smoky Gouda grits."  Just one ingredient would be missing.  And that would be all that it took to keep it from happening.

Do something about it right away.  Take some kind of action...or it will be forgotten forever, or added to my list of regrets, those items too late to do something about them.

I have learned as well that when God brings to my mind a person or a situation to stop, drop and pray right away.  Not just think about that person, but take action and pray right away as I go about my day.  God has placed them in my thoughts for a reason, not just to occupy a spot in my thoughts.

Sometimes it is even someone I have not heard from or seen in a while, like an old friend or a niece or nephew who lives in another location.  Pray.  Sometimes a close friend or one of our daughters.  Pray.  Sometimes a person I don't even know who has crossed my path.  Pray now.

Do it right away.  I have never regretted it.

Moreover as for me,
far be it from me
that I should sin against the LORD
by ceasing to pray for you.

                               1 Samuel 12.23

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